Friday, November 16, 2018

"The Highwoods String Band Story"

Dance All Night - the Highwoods Stringband Story, Produced, directed and edited by Larry Edelman.  Walt Koken, Association Producer, Paul Brown, Associate Editor, Piggysnout Productions and Mudthumper Music, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, 2018 (MM-0041). 

This is a great old fashioned story telling way of getting at the history of the Highland String Band. 

It goes very nicely with Walt's book, Fire On The Mountain: An American Odyssey (Pennsylvania: Mudthumper Music, 2017). 

A whole bunch of steady handed people helped tell the story - Paul Brown, Joe Herrmann, for example - and Larry Edelman rode herd as producer, director and editor.

But the documentary's strength is the way the story was coaxed out of the band members themselves - Walt, Bob, Mac, Doug and Jenny.  The film threaded contemporary interviews of the musicians into a great narrative, and wrapped that in old footage and stills of the band . . . and there's enough Highwoods music in this DVD to make that enough of a reason to watch it from start to finish.  

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