Thursday, November 21, 2013

This doesn’t happen every day, at least for a banjo player ...


I walk my hounds in the wonderful park we have here in Staunton, VA, at about 0530.  Can’t beat the quiet time at that hour in the morning. 

This morning, as we were making out first lap around the park, we heard someone behind us calling “Chico, Chico, come back here.”  Chico, a low to the ground little mutt, white with brown highlights, had seized an opportunity and bolted.  He came rushing up to my hounds, and we very friendly, gracious, and enthusiastic in his greeting.  My two, Maggie and Roxie (see their exploits on my Youtube webpage, )  embraced this newcomer to their circle, and returned his robust greetings.

By that time, the owner had caught up with us, and was profuse in his apologies.  I assured him that he didn’t have anything to be sorry about, that we enjoyed meeting Chico, and would look forward to seeing him again in the park.

The owner and Chico struck out on their own, but the man stopped, turned around, and said:

“I work with Zack Deming.  Aren’t you the guy who wrote the profile about Zack and the Virginia Ramblers for Banjo Newsletter?” (see  )

“I’m Jeff,” he quickly added.  “I work at Huss and Dalton,” the instrument makers who have long had their business in Staunton proper. 

I acknowledged that I was indeed that guy, offered up my name, and we parted with the usual “pleased to meet you” as a way of ending this encounter. 

Left me wondering exactly how many people subscribe to Banjo Newsletter.  This might be a much bigger fraternity than we think…

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