Tuesday, September 10, 2013

In This Old Time Music, One Is Always a Student

Yesterday, 09 September 2013, I posted a Youtube video of me playing Lee Hammons’ Calloway on an A scale banjo.  I learned the tune in the early 1990s from Dwight Diller, and was prompted to revisit this great tune when I saw an 8 September 2013 video posted on Youtube of Dwight doing the tune:

I sent an email to Dwight with the link to my video.

Late Monday night I got an email from Dwight.  He had seen the video, and told me that it’s time to go back to the woodshed for some remedial banjo work.  I think I can really help you now. Probably a couple of days is what is needed.”

Nice to be reminded that in this music, one is always a student.

Today I played the tune on my Cloverlick banjo, by Jeff Kramer, much like the one Dwight is playing in his 8 September video.


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