Monday, June 10, 2013

Clarke Buehling in Staunton, VA, on 18 June: A Local Concert of Authentically Recreated 19th Century Banjo Music

Date: 18 June
Start time: noon
Event: Clarke Buehling, Authentically Recreated 19th Century Banjo Music
Location: Appalachian Textiles, 38 Middlebrook Avenue

Clarke Buehling of Fayetteville, AR, an accomplished musician focused on minstrel banjo style and 19th century American tunes, will play some tunes on 18 June, beginning at noon, at Appalachian Textiles, located at 38 Middlebrook Avenue, on the back porch, in the vicinity of the Sears Bridge. 

Here’s a link to Appalachian Textiles, Laurie Gundersen’s wonderful store:

Clarke regularly tours solo around the U.S. and Europe and is widely recognized for his repertoire of 19th-Century songs and banjo instrumentals.   He focuses on late 19th Century classic finger-style banjo, and is in the forefront of the recent resurgence of interest in the earlier minstrel banjo style.  Much of his material is based around his extensive collection of 19th Century banjo and mandolin instruction books and sheet music. 

Clarke plays with the band the Skirtlifters, a group dedicated to authentically recreating the music of the 19th century riverboat, stage and parlor, enlivened by period humor, skits, songs and percussive dance.  Their repertoire includes jigs, reels, rags, galops, marches and waltzes – all music from the period of the Louisiana Purchase to Civil War to early 20th century Ragtime.  Clarke also teaches banjo, fiddle, mandolin and guitar in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 

Here’s a link to Clarke’s website:   

And here's a pic of Clarke in his Banjo Finery:


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