Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Two New Old Time CDS

I purchased two new old time CDs today, sold at my friend Laurie Gundersen’s store, APPALACHIAN PIECEWORK, in Staunton, VA:

These are the two CDs:

“No Corn On Tygart”
by John Gallagher & Scott Prouty With Chris Coole


“Puncheon Floor” by Scott Prouty

The CD Baby boilerplate says “Puncheon Floor showcases the older West Virginia and Kentucky mountain styles of fiddle playing, which includes dance music as well as beautiful solo fiddle tunes.”

And “No Cord on Tygart” is, according to the CD Baby website, “A Collection of traditional old-time fiddle tunes and songs from West Virginia, East Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Indiana.”

I’ve seen Scott Prouty in action on a fiddle and banjo, and the results are always impressive, rousing, and authentic.   The “Puncheon Floor” liner notes credit Scott’s Dad, Clark Prouty, for inspiring in Scott a love of this music.  I met Clark at Clifftop years ago, sat in his camping area, admired his creative touch in both his music and his banjo building work – he did some of the most inspired inlay I’ve ever seen.  Clark was a gentle, soft spoken man full of art.  He passed on in 2008.  I’m glad to have met him, and I’m equally glad to have had the chance from time to time, ad festivals and house concerts, to listen to Scott plow through old time tunes.  So these CDs are a special treat for me.

John Gallagher’s fiddling and banjoing is new to me.  I know him by reputation as an accomplished flute maker   He is a sturdy fiddler and brings great voice to tunes such as “A Sailor Bring Tired.”   Chris Coole puts his guitar work behind a bunch of the tunes on “No Corn On Tygart,” which comes with a nicely done set of liner notes on the lineage of the tunes played. 

I think they Banjo Hangout citizenry with an interest in good old time West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana and North Carolina repertoire on fiddle and banjo would welcome these two discs.  Great music by dedicated practitioners.

Excuse me, I’ve got to go listen to them again.

Play hard,


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