Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Little Bear Banjo Hospital Enters Joint Partnership With "Sew Zen"

Good news!  Little Bear Banjo Hospital is now co-located with “Sew Zen,” my wife Mary’s new creative venture.  

 In her “Sew Zen” blog, Mary explores the world of sewing with the goal of sharing resources and information, and spotlighting our local sewing and quilting shops in and around Staunton, VA.   

As Mary says, “Whether you are new to sewing, just interested in knowing more before diving into some fabric, or a seasoned sewist or quilter, I look forward to a conversation with you in the Zen Den” here:

Mary recently retired from a life-long career in social work and education to start another life in sewing. Though she did not grow up with a sewing background, Mary discovered sewing as her own therapy when she turned 40 and our two children were entering middle school. Sewing actually helped Mary get through the stress of their high school years!!

Mary has a small sewing studio in our home – located on the top deck of our log cabin (Little Bear Banjo Hospital is on the ground floor).  There, Mary can teach one to one or a small group of up to four persons.

Please feel free to contact Mary if you, your family or friends would like to explore the creative world of sewing at 

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