Sunday, February 10, 2013

Some New Shots of the Workshop

Good morning.

When all you've got is a tight little space, the work area is always evolving either because you manage to get another bench top that needs to be integrated into the setup, or because your wife makes you out a deep freezer down in the basement which changes everything.  Either way, a small workshop is an evolving project, so here are some recent photos of the Little Bear Banjo Hospital work spaces, and accompanying portraits of my faithful Shop Dogs, Maggie and Roxie.

Maggie, the black lab, likes to sneak into the shop area, grab some wood, and take it back to her bed where she carves it up into interesting things.  That's Maggie eying some wood stock on one of the benches.  I need to keep plenty of wood on the floor to keep her busy.  Roxie is more into flat footing -- or flat pawing? -- to music, though she definitely likes to grab the excess calf skin that I cut away after mounting a new head, retreat to her bed, and chew herself into a stupor.  

Play hard,


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