Thursday, May 14, 2009

eBay Auctions Services by LBBH Enterprises

Little Bear Banjo Hospital will organize, manage and complete eBay auctions of musical instruments in a consignment type arrangement.

LBBH will:

• Receive and issue a receipt for the instrument.
• Offer a LBBH assessment of the instrument.
• Clean and ready the instrument for auction.
• Photograph the instrument.
• Research the market price and make recommendations on reserve levels.
• Compose the instrument description.
• Utilize the existing LBBH eBay account for the auction.
• Monitor the auction, answer bidder questions, keep seller informed.
• Communicate with winning bidder, conduct all post-auction business.
• Establish the shipping and handling arrangements.
• Wrap and pack the instrument for mailing.
• Insure and post the instrument.

The instrument owner will:

• Deliver the instrument to LBBH Corporate HQ in Arlington, VA.
• Agree to pay the eBay insertion cost to run the auction, the "listing fee".
• Agree to pay the eBay final value fee post auction, the "final value fee".
• Pay LBBH 12 % of the auction price, in addition to the two eBay admin fees described above.

LBBH has been an eBay seller for nearly five years now, and has compiled a perfect feedback record. LBBH is expert at packing and shipping sensitive, delicate instruments. And LBBH eBay auctions pages are well written, compellingly photographed, and fully articulate the terms and conditions that are the basis for effective and efficient auctions.

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